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Software written by divers for divers with input from more than 400 enthusiatic divers like you.

ScubaTrak is an innovative way to record and recall, store and share all aspects of your diving adventures, including buddies, locations, transportation, dive statistics from multiple dive computers or with different gas mixtures, checklists, dive shops, equipment, service records, digital images, scanned images, audio and video files, notes and so much more.

ScubaTrak Features:

Dives—details of your dive adventure; records dive data for Open Circuit, Nitrox/Safe Air, Semi-Closed and Closed Circuit; centralizes, standardizes, and organizes data from multiple dive computers, gas mixtures, dive types, equipment or skill levels across the span of your diving career; all standard dive log statistics, plus dive type, current, visibility, temperature, suit, weights, dive computer model, all the dive computer statistics, notes, images, dive tables, and more.

ScubaLinks—add-on modules to enable importing data from your dive computer(s); currently offering Cochran ScubaLink supporting Cochran Gemini and Commander and all three levels of Analyst and DAN DL7 ScubaLink supporting dive computers that can create DAN DL7 files (proceeds going directly to DAN to support diver research and rescue efforts) such as Uwatec, Suunto, DiveRite; SensorPro ScubaLink module for uploading ReefNet’s dive tracker data is included with the product.

ScubaShare—included module to share data with buddies, instructors, shops, clubs or other ScubaTrak users via email

Equipment—what you used; status, service records, and insurance details

Notifications—service due notices and diver alerts for safe dive planning assistance

Buddies—who also went; contact information and certifications

Locations—where you went; depth, environment, and GPS waypoints

Transportation—how you went there; contact information, costs, and amenities

Shops—where you bought it; contact information, website, and expenditures

Image Manager—attach digital or scanned images, videos or audio files, with keyword searching, to the Dives, Transportation, Location, Buddies, Shops, and Equipment features.

Checklists—what to do or bring, directions or details to remember

Notes—unlimited length attachments or simple indexed and searchable notation fields

Utilities—plan, analyze, print, search, sort, filter, export, report and backup functions to help divers recall and review the data once it has been recorded; to enable manipulation of the individual dive data, the comparative dive statistics, or the dive history for planning future dives, improving diving skills, collecting valuable scientific or statistical data or for simply remembering exciting diving adventures.

Calculations—enriched air, gas blending and metric calculators and dive tables

GPS Interface and Waypoint Database—for importing waypoint data from most GPS devices

User Profile—for storing the diver’s personal and default dive information and certifications

Help Files—context-sensitive glossary definitions and product documentation

Let ScubaTrak be your single source for all of your important diving details. With it you can record and review all of your important diving details to prepare or plan for future dive adventures, improve your diving skills, collect valuable scientific or statistical or historical data about your diving career, or simply recall exciting diving memories.

Nitrox Dive Detail Screen
You may store the details of an unlimited number of dives in this single convenient, comprehensive source.

(Click on image for larger view.)


ScubaTrak Buddy Detail Screen
Add digital images, video files, or notes
to your records to keep a complete history of your diving adventure

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Service Due Report
Print Service Due Reports when planning upcoming dives and help you be a safer diver.

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Dive Statictics Palette
Using the Statistical Analysis Reports, you may evaluate your diving performance and many other details.

(Click on image for larger view.)


DL7 ScubaLink
If you use a dive computer, with ScubaLink you may import all your dive statistics directly into a dive detail screen.

(Click on image for larger view.)


ScubaTrak Assistant
The ScubaTrak Assistant makes navigation, task selection, and getting help simple.
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