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ScubaTrak Neptune

The suite of ScubaTrak software has a new addition. It is called "Neptune", because it is the "King" of diver software. Neptune takes the simplicity and convenience of ScubaTrak to a whole new level.

Now, not only is ScubaTrak a comprehensive digital dive log, it is also a single source for storing unlimited digital photos, notes, spreadsheets, documents or any other data file that a diver might use to chronicle his diving experience, whether it is for recreation or as a profession. Each data file may be linked with a buddy, a transportation, a location or a dive, or all of the above. Each data file may be opened using the application configured for that type of file without ever having to leave Neptune, so data may be browsed or manipulated as desired.

All the original features of ScubaTrak, ScubaLink, and ScubaShare: including recording and recalling, storing and sharing all aspects of your diving adventures, including buddies, locations, transportation, dive statistics from multiple dive computers or with different gas mixtures, checklists, dive shops, equipment, service records, images, notes and so much more are all still available in Neptune, but the screens have been redesigned to allow for better navigation between features and more intuitive use of the tools and utilities that are available. There has also been the addition of Data Sheets, a whole page of data fields that may be personally configured by each diver based on individual needs or interests.

Another great feature of Neptune is the ability to allow multiple users on the same computer so that families, who dive together, may also now store their individual diving experiences on the same computer without compromising the diving information of the other users. This also is a benefit to researchers who might want to upload all of a project's statistical information on to a single computer, while keeping the data distinctly identified to the diver.

ScubaTrak Neptune will be the last and the best diving software you'll ever use to organize and chronicle your important diving details. With it you can record and review all of your important and fun diving details to prepare or plan for future diving adventures, improve your diving skills, collect valuable scientific, statistical or historical data about your diving career, or simply recall exciting diving memories.

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